In the year 2013 the LME warehousing landscape in The Netherlands consisted of the 6 registered companies of which only 1 could be labelled as strictly independent. Sufficient reason to consider the setup of a new, independent and neutral franchise, which was formed by Mr. Hans Cleton and the current shareholders of which EuroRijn International B.V. (ERI) is the major one. After one month it was decided to give a clear and transparent message to the market in respect of markets serviced by these companies: ICL B.V. is for base metals LME or non-LME and in order to create clarity between the group companies, the base metal accounts of ERI were taken over by ICL B.V. From that moment Mr. Ruud Cybulski joined ICL and the combined experience has driven the development of ICL BV ever since .

ERI is specialized in the Ferro-Alloys, Minor Metals and concentrates handling, crushing, screening, repacking and blending in the Port of Moerdijk.

Due to the existence of specialized service companies already operating under the umbrella of EuroRijn is was fairly easy to start up ICL in May 2013. Auxiliary services such as Administration, HR, IT, office location as wel as warehouse management system could all be bought in on a pay-as-use basis. The current WMS system has been developed by 3 LME approved warehouses in the Netherlands, so it had been tested very well. All this, plus the experience of its staff, made an initial approval of the LME of the warehousing company with warehouse capacity in Rotterdam fairly easy.

We have started to build the franchise in both Rotterdam and Moerdijk and assisted the Port Authorities of Moerdijk in obtaining the LME GDP status, which was accomplished in December of the same year, 2013

At this moment ICL BV operates LME approved warehouses Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Kaohsiung.

In Taiwan / ROC we have added LME warehouses in the Port of Kaohsiung / Taiwan in March 2017. Also in Vietnam a non-LME operation has been started in Hanoi in order to serve clients our neutral and independent services in these emerging markets. 

The following staffmembers are happy to assist you:

Hans C. Cleton
Managing Director

Ruud (H.J.G.) Cybulski
Commercial Manager

Jessie (Jie) Luo
Manager Asia Desk

Roy Weber

Diny Nagtzaam
Transport and Office Administration

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